Monday, July 1, 2019

Fort Collins Beginner Fly Fishing Lessons: Nymph Fishing Class

Today's Blog Post

Meet Fort Collins newest nymph fisherman.

Mr. Taylor completed our new E.I. Fly™5X class.  This class provides clients:

  • Create/customize your own class  
  • Focus on your trouble areas (e.g., casting or nymph, dry, wet, river, pond, lake fishing).
  • Fix nagging problems that prevent you from catching fish
  • Learn how to fish the conditions (e.g., deep-fast water)  
  • Combines technical casting and fishing instruction, in-water.  

He wanted advance instruction on nymph fishing (Euro Tight Line).  How did he do on June 29, 2019, with approximately 2,000 CFS of extremely high-fast water? 

In short time, we corrected a handful of classic beginner errors.  He finished the day with approximately 12 bows and browns, with 14" being the largest.  Considering the conditions of the Cache la Poudre, I say he did EXCELLENT and is now on the right path (that's our goal). 

Client Testimonial:

Fly fishing is hard; it is also very rewarding.  I grew up bass fishing in Michigan and in the last few years I have tried to hone my skills with the fly rod.  I've worked with several guides and have improved with each of those trips.  It's still easy to make mistakes that cost you a catch and not even know.  Mark is a very skilled & intuitive instructor and has probably forgotten more about fly-fishing than I will ever know.  I would recommend his services to anyone looking to up their game with a fly rod!

B. Taylor. Fort Collins, CO