Monday, June 24, 2019

Fort Collins Beginner Fly Fishing Lessons: Deep Water Tactics

Today's Blog Post

As I leave Fort Collins, it looks to be another great day to fish the Poudre River Canyon (you can't be serious?).    

On June 22 and 23, despite weather conditions, I needed a river/nature fix -- the sound of water is my drug of choice.  

I have not fished the canyon for two weeks (was busy with out of state friends, fishing Hartsel, 11 Mile, and Dream).  I arrived to find very high/fast water, as seen in video.

Is this water fishable?  Yes, but you must fish the conditions by learning how to fish in a shoe box!  A what -- are you crazy?

The Goal? Get your nymphs or other in a shoe box sized area as quickly as possible.  Here's how:

1. Find the slowest water possible
2. Fish seems between slow and fast water
3. Target pockets, typically behind structure (i.e., rocks) 
4. With high-fast water, you must go DEEP!  
5. Use WEIGHT to get down as fast as possible and to hold flies on bottom
6. Don't be overly concerned about matching hatch -- get bacon double cheeseburger attractor flies, with extra sauce in their face!
7. If you follow steps 1-6, you'll soon enjoy lots of feisty Poudre River Brown Trout.

If you need any help, lessons, or other, feel free to contact me.  And always remember...

1. If you ain't dragging, you ain't bragging! 

2. Fish the conditions and don't listen to high-dirty water chit-chat nonsense... I caught six fish on both days, missed another dozen strikes, and even helped a Colorado State University employee re-rig his nymphs and catch a few fish.

Plenty of fish in the Poudre -- good luck amigos!  

PS. Nymph class info at Create Your Own Class  and Client Testimonial