Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Fort Collins Fly Fishing Lessons

Client Testimonial

I recently did the E.I. Fly 1X class with Mark.  It was one of the best three hours I've invested in my fly fishing career, and my only regret is not doing it sooner.  I not only benefited from Mark's unquestionable knowledge and experience, but the purposeful nature of every single exercise and drill that we did.  The session was organized and well thought out, with nothing left to chance.  Mark diagnosed and remedied flaws in my cast (many ten years in the making) and more importantly reprogrammed me both physically and mentally.  As a learner, it was important that I had the opportunity to not only understand cognitively but imprint the movements physically.  And, I left with specific things to work on before seeing Mark again for logical next steps.  The more I fish, the more I think money is almost always better spent learning than on more gear.  Though we have a wealth of world class guides here in Colorado, I know of no one that specializes in casting in such a organized and logical manner.  Anyone wanting to improve their casting---and fishing by extension---should take advantage of Mark Foley's expertise and teaching ability.

J. Lacy.  Colorado

Why First Cast Fly Fishing

I am also a professional counselor/therapist, with a specialty in cognitive neuroscience.  My classes are fun, and focused on fly fishing cognition (left and right brain integration) and casting body-biomechanics.  You'll be trained how to safely use your body for maximum casting distance, with deadly accuracy.

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