Sunday, January 27, 2019

Minnesota to Patagonia: Argentina Guided DIY Fly Fishing

Why work with a guided DIY service?

Because unlike other Patagonia fly-fishing business models/services, our guided DIY fishing programs focus 100% on fishing.  Due to our unique program, our client's catch great fish and report:

We had an excellent time fishing with First Cast Fly Fishing.  Mark was very easy to work with and provided a wealth of information that was helpful for planning our trip.

The guides were truly top notch and worked hard to consistently put us in position to catch fish.  Overall it was a wonderful experience and we hope to come back in the coming years.
D. Patterson. St. Paul, MN. USA

To the Patterson's and all other clients, thank you for working with us!  

PS.  If you are looking for a 50% off, non-lodge like fishing experience, please read more -- we have posted tons of travel/fishing information on this blog.  Or, you are welcome to call us -- you'll quickly learn why our service is among the very best in Patagonia.