Wednesday, June 21, 2017

From Georgia to Patagonia: Guided DIY Fly Fishing Argentina

On May 31st, we ended another great season with a father and son team from Georgia, USA.  We rarely host clients this late in the season because it is late fall in Junin de los Andes.  Morning and evening temperatures are cold, and winter has already begun at higher elevations.  The advantage of fishing this late in the season is 1) you will have the entire place to yourself, 2) scenery is amazing, and 3) Brown Trout are on the bite!

Client Testimonial

Our guided DIY programs are ideal for father-son fishing trips!

We are extremely proud and happy to create family moments like this!

Trip was excellent!  I could not have asked for more. Loved fishing with Mark's head guide. It was the first time after a fishing trip I actually found myself missing the guide. We really enjoyed him as a person not just a guide. He made it feel like we were fishing with him as buddies instead of just being guided around. In terms of fishing, he is a true maestro (master).  Please feel free to give my name to any potential customer who wants a reference and I will give you a glowing review.

S. Pickens and J. Pickens.  Georgia, USA.