Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Client Testimonial: "You Drive for Show and You Putt for Dough"

Why do so many golfers want to crush the ball, desiring maximum distance?  Likewise, why do so many anglers want to cast a fly-line a million miles?  Here's a tip: whether you are on the golf course or a river, master your short game before you attempt distance.  During 95% of my class time, I purposely teach anglers how to be deadly accurate between thirty and fifty feet.  This approach will never make me a fly-fishing celebrity instructor, but in the end, you will be greatly rewarded -- if you practice, I can guaranty it!   

First of all I would like to say that I had a great time on Tuesday. I was very comfortable with you and enjoyed the company as well as the casting.  I look forward to doing it again.

I did the first practice since the lesson this morning. I set up a hula hoop with a 9 inch plate in the center and dropped a plate at 30’ and 40’ to mark my standing position. I actually found 40’ easier because  I could feel the line better. I practiced right and left handed and also some with my eyes closed. I had the best accuracy with my eyes closed. Strange.  For now, just getting in the hoop I consider good.

This is the first practice that I can recall doing where either some or the greater part of it didn’t contain trying to cast as far as I could. I have set some new goals and standards for my practice as a direct result of your influence and instruction: I will not cast further than I can cast accurately and without crashing the line down on the water. One of my priorities in taking the lesson was to learn why I was crashing and you answered that. 
R. Rosa. Kennebunkport, Maine. USA