Sunday, April 3, 2016

Two Hand Switch Rod Class in Dover, New Hampshire

Tom (L) and Stephen (R)

Client Testimonial

Had the pleasure of taking a 2-handed casting class with Mark Foley this morning. A friend and I have been fishing single-handed rods for many years but wanted to expand our repertoire by fishing switch rods. Mark was great to work with and took all the mystery out of learning two-handed casting principles and also showed us how we can apply all of the same techniques to improve our single handed casting. Mark's teaching style was a perfect match as he showed us how we could build on the basic roll-cast to slowly work our way into a half dozen or so spey casts, without bogging us down with un-necessary technical discussions or history lessons - he just taught us what we needed to know to be able to go out and fish! Very much a productive way to spend a morning, would highly recommend Mark as fly casting instructor at any level and can see how he would make an excellent guide as well!

T. Sheehy. Newburyport, MA.

I really enjoyed the two handed casting instruction, it will be a game changer when I am off to big waters this fall . As a single handed caster for over 45 years, I appreciated your instruction wasn’t right “from the manual of Skagit, spey or two handed casting”, but rather very individualized to my strengths, weaknesses, good and bad habits. Given I had my shoulder replaced last year, there were a few motion and strength limitations that you were able to find alternatives or solutions to. Thanks again, I will be in touch.

S. Murphy. Newburyport, MA. 

A simple drill to help improve rod, line, and body mechanics.

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Final Words

It is always a great feeling to receive positive feedback -- I am grateful, and I appreciate the opportunity to earn such high praise.

Thanks and looking forward to working with you.