Monday, March 28, 2016

Two Hand Fly Casting Lessons: Available in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts

In Patagonia, on extreme windy days, the use of a two hand rod can be a very useful. 

Two-Hand Rods (Switch)

We make learning how to cast a two hand rod simple.  We won't spend hours spewing facts and terminology at you -- this is probably the worst thing an instructor could do. You will immediately engage your mind and body, and learn by success and failure. Further, in our opinion, there is no need to sign-up for a full day or two day school -- we don't believe in these long classes, filled with many students and typically, only one instructor.

We will focus on basics, building a solid foundation that will enable you to begin fishing ASAP.  We will also provide a step-by-step process leading to more advance techniques.  In other words, in the game of two hand rods, we crawl before we walk; walk before we run; run before we sprint.  If you understand the principles of single hand roll casting, and your roll casting technique is sound, I can have you two hand casting within minutes.

Your Learning Options

Option A:

  • If your single hand roll casting technique does not exist, or is average/poor/etc., it might be extremely helpful to take a single hand casting class.  During this two - three hour class, we will spend 100% of our time mastering the roll cast (all variations and techniques).  By taking this approach, you will gain much needed knowledge and experience, and begin to build the foundation of all two hand casting styles/techniques (FYI, all two hand casting techniques begin with mastering the roll cast).

Option B:

  • If your single hand roll casting knowledge and technique is at an advance/expert level, we can enter the water and immediately begin to focus on the following casts: Switch, Snap T, Single and Double Spey, Overhead, Basic Roll, Snake Roll and more.

For Rates and More Information

Caught with Over-Head casting technique, in 30 mph wind.  I can teach this technique for on-shore walk-wade Striper fishing.  

Final Words

For the past five years, in many environments around the globe, I have been using two hand rods. The majority of my experience using such rods has been in Patagonia.  The Patagonia winds are relentless, making the learning process brutal -- you learn very quickly if your technique is poor. Truth be told, such conditions have made me a better single and two hand angler and casting instructor. The net result, when you work with me, you are working with a qualified instructor who has real global fishing experience.

I am more than happy to share my real world fishing and casting experience with you.  Thanks for reading, and looking forward to meeting you.