Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New Hampshire's Best Fly Fishing School

If you're reading this, I am guessing you're searching for fly-fishing or fly-casting lessons.  In your search, you might have seen how other vendors sell the benefit of a casting pond -- the ability for you to cast in real world conditions.  Well, that's not entirely true, and in my opinion, casting ponds present several problems.

  • If it is man made, it's probably not eco-friendly.
  • If it is man made and is stocked with fish, it may mean the water is treated and cooled by electric or gas power pumps. Not very eco-friendly.  This is a man made hatchery.
  • Ponds allow one instructor to safely teach large groups of people = great profit, but poor education model. 
  • Ponds or lakes are NOT rivers. You learn very little when compared to a river!

Why Teach Fly Casting in a River

  1. >90% of fly-fisherman fish in rivers -- not ponds or lakes.
  2.  We teach fly-casting in real world conditions -- doesn't that make more sense?  During our classes, if the river is unsafe, then we teach at a pond, or reschedule our program.
  3.  While standing in a river casting, you'll also learn real world fishing technique's -- line control, presentation, and reading water (these can not be taught at a casting pond). 

Casting in a river has significant educational benefits. 

You have completed the E.I. Fly™1X class, or you are an advance beginner needing to fine tune your casting skills.  Also you are  ready to step into a river and learn a few tricks. We will spend time in the water working on the following: PULD, Static and Dynamic Roll, False Cast, Roll-Pick-up, Tension, Water Haul, Reach Mend, Wiggle, and Pile.  We'll also practice fly and fly line presentation techniques. 

This program is a blend of casting and fishing presentation skills.  This is a must have for the beginner - intermediate anglers who want to prepare themselves for the next level.  

Rates: E.I. Fly™2X
  • (1) Angler $25 per hour 
  • (2-3)) Anglers: $15 per hour, per person
  • (4) Anglers: $10 per hour, per person
  • Minimum Course Time: 4 hours.
  • Age: 16 years and older (service is designed for mature young teenagers and adults)
  • Monday-Sunday
  • Home Base: Seacoast New Hampshire

Ready to Begin

We offer both lessons and guiding services.  To understand the difference between the two, Please visit:

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Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon.