Sunday, February 21, 2016

New England Fly Fishing Schools: New vs. Old School

Rather than copy an outdated fly fishing school business, we have challenged ourselves to create an innovative educational model.  Why?  There is a HUGE difference between a copied business vs. a model purposely designed to help you learn faster and enjoy the process more.  Fortunately for me, I spent nearly two decades in the medical business, where I was trained in Blue Water Innovation Theories and Emotional Intelligence Skills.  I apply these theories and skills in all of our programs because they are scientifically proven, and highly effective -- this is not me creating my own BS. When you buy our product (service) -- when you work with us, you will be exposed to the best educational model -- not a business that has been copied.

First Cast Fly Fishing (FCFF) vs. Old School (Other)

At FCFF, we don't run an outdated educational model. Our teaching techniques are modern, based on your Emotional Intelligence (E.I.), not a textbook that was written 50 years ago. The majority of our classes are held with only one or two anglers. We define a small group as less than four. If you want to learn how to fish, shouldn't you spend your time in the river fishing, not at a casting pond? Our casting and fishing classroom is the river!
Our E.I. Fly education model is based on 21st century, proven science -- not a century old model. You will not be lost in a large group class. You will constantly engage with your instructor. You learn from your instructor, real fishing conditions, and yourself -- feedback and learning are constant.

Aren't schools suppose to publish a mission statement and teaching philosophy -- we do.  If you pay for an educational program, don't you want the best model, taught by the most qualified experienced teachers? You will be working directly with innovators, creators, and educators who journey with you -- not lecture you.

Standard models are designed to herd students into a weekend program.  Two whole days sounds great, but in reality you may only be paying for 10-12 hours of instruction, and up to 80% of that time might be spent in a classroom, or at a casting pond.

Our Fly Fishing School Programs

We offer two programs that are scheduled at your convenience, and can be taught over a defined period of time (several days or several weeks).
  1. Rangeley, Maine. Entirely dedicated to wild fish. For more information  
  2. Dover, New Hampshire.  Held on the Cocheco River.  This river has stocked trout and native warm water species.  For more information

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you on (in) the river.  If you have questions, please contact us.