Friday, January 15, 2016

Fly Fishing Rangeley Maine: The Guided DIY Experience

I think Leon caught +/- 20 wild fish per day

We believe our guided DIY fishing programs, focusing on wild fish, are the best in the state of Maine. Don't take our word for it, read what our client had to say.

I am a lucky guy.  I have traveled the world fishing – mostly to catch large fish.  I enjoy catching large fish, but for the past decade or so, I have been targeting wild fish – even if my catch is only eight inches long.   The one specie that I have yet to target was Brook Trout.  Lucky for me, I fished with Mark in Patagonia and told him that I wanted to fish Maine, for wild Brook Trout.  He said, “ fly into Boston, I’ll pick you up, and I’ll take you to Rangeley, Maine; the home of wild Brook Trout.”  

I spent four days in Rangeley, and it was one of the best fishing experiences of my life.  I stayed at his DIY lodge, which was affordable and comfortable.  He brought me to the fishing museum, which was one of the best I have ever seen.  But most importantly, working with his team of guides, we fished and caught lots of Brook Trout, ranging from six to twenty inches.  To be honest, when the fish are wild, the size does not matter – what matters is the experience.

A key memory of my fishing experience was how Mark's team taught me how to fish these waters – their ability to communicate so that you understand is a gift.  However, I must admit, some of their suggestions made me think twice.  In the end, I followed their advice and the results were impressive – he and his team of guides know how to fish these waters!  For an example: one night I was told to put on a dry-fly about the size of an orange (I am from Florida); I was told to cast it to an area that I would have passed by; for the next fifteen minutes I had the greatest joy an angler could possibly have.  

My experience in Maine was one of my best trips yet.  Whether in Argentina or Maine, I would highly recommend working with Mark and his team.  Their guided DIY fishing programs are the real deal.  

L. Grobaski. Orlando, FL. USA   

Final Word

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