Friday, January 29, 2016

Fly Fishing Lessons in Maine: Wild Brook Trout and More

What is it about Maine that produces some of the best art, music, theatre, authors, and hand crafted flies in the world? Seriously, is there something in the water, the air, or other? Perhaps it's some nutrient(s) in the delicious tasting lobsters (commonly pronounced lawbstaahs).  I am not sure about you, but I would like to know Maine's secrets.  Maybe it's just the fact that Maine is a cool place to live -- its natural beauty attracts certain creative folk who wish to live a particular lifestyle.  I am sure there are varying opinions, but I for one, really appreciate the work that comes out of Maine.  A great a example are the flies that were created in Maine.

PT Welch Emerger.  An original from the great state of Maine.

As you may know, some of the most popular flies ever created on this earth have been hand-crafted in the state of Maine. Take Carrie Stevens for an example;  She's a Maine'r who created the Grey Ghost Streamer.  If you're lucky to visit Rangeley, Maine., you can learn more about her talents by visiting the Rangeley Outdoor Sporting Heritage Museum  (this is a must see).  It's obvious Carrie's flies have influenced thousands of fly tiers from all corners of the world.  That being said, it is our sincerest desire to share with you the gifts that only Maine waters can offer -- Wild Brook Trout and Land Locked Salmon.

Fly Casting and Fly Fishing Lessons: Rangeley

Starting May 2016, First Cast Fly Fishing will begin teaching the very first educational program entirely devoted to wild fish.  This is an A to Z program, that will concentrate on fly-casting and fly-fishing techniques.  If you live fairly close to us, instruction can begin in your hometown, and then move to our home waters in Rangeley, Maine.  Or, from start to finish, you can immerse yourself in Rangeley. Regardless of location, you will find your self engaging in one-on-one, and small group instruction -- and I mean actively engaging with your instructors; we do not teach in a classroom, or from a manual, and we refuse to teach groups larger than four. 

We do not set dates, times, or length of days for teaching you -- that's for brick-n-mortar, big school, large group instruction.  You can work with us with us for a day, or as many days as you would like (we recommend at least 3 days in Rangeley). 

Depending on your specific desires, we can teach you how to dry-fly, wet-fly, streamer, indicator nymph, and tight-line nymph fishing.  Most importantly we will teach you how to fish for wild fish -- you can't do that from a classroom, a textbook, or a man made casting pond.  Our program is the real deal!

Final Words

Maine produces some pretty cool things.  I may never create my own fly, but I am ever so thankful to be part of Maine's creative energy -- it's really good stuff!  Please join us, and come experience the creative-talented joys of Maine and wild fish!

Thanks for reading and hope to be working with you in the near future.