Monday, December 14, 2015

Fly Fishing Patagonia: Guided DIY Fishing on Rio Gallegos

+300 Kilometers of Guided DIY Fishing!

I am running a business that should be 100% intuitive, yet in the marketplace, it is seen as unnatural, foreign, and perhaps, non-trustworthy.  Seriously, who starts a guided DIY fly fishing business in a market dominated by travel and fishing giants such Solidad, and Frontiers -- reputable big business.  Why would anyone work with us? All good question, I suspect many are asking.

Anglers fish with us because our guide DIY programs offer the greatest value for all anglers -- not just the super wealthy.  Now some anglers may translate value as being cheap.  I beg to differ; we define value by overall experience, i.e. cost and catch.  In a short statement, we focus 100% of your time on fishing.  That's right, we purposely and proudly admit, that we don't wine and dine you. We eat-sleep-and FISH!  Feel free to join the fun.

Mid-December: A guided DIY client having the time of his life.


To all of our clients, we THANK YOU.  Your patronage directly effects the lives of people/families living in the communities we fish.  Why/How?  It's pretty simple; we only work with local guides and business owners, who support our guided DIY philosophy. So, every step of the way, you are working directly with a person who is committed to his/her profession, and is dedicated to their community.

Saludos Amigos