Thursday, November 26, 2015

Golden Dorado Argentina: Buenos Aires Guided DIY Fly Fishing Trips

A while back, in the fishing industry, there was a GOLD rush.  No, not for the precious metal that sells for $1,000 per/ounce.  I am talking about a toothy beast, that lives in South American waters, called a Golden Dorado.  The rush was on to build lodges, stake claims and book clients. Unfortunately, much like the history of the precious metal, a lot of anglers were sold fools gold. Specifically, I have met investors who purchased bogus land and long term leases. I have met anglers who were sold off-season trips (i.e. they were mis-informed and caught nothing). To offer a critical opinion, I do not know how anyone could sell such a trip; in my world, that is stealing and is wrong. So, as the rush was on, we purposely sat back and watched. We explored, and slowly began to prepare the best guided DIY Golden Dorado programs available in Argentina.

Fly Fishing vs. Spin Fishing

We do not force anything upon you, but how bad do you want to catch one of these monsters?  If you want to catch one on the fly, the bar is set high!  In other words, you need to be an experienced angler, who can do the following:

  • Cast a 7wt-9wt fly rod, all day long
  • Cast a large weighted fly
  • Cast a large weighted fly with a sink tip
  • Single and Double Hauls are second nature
  • Cast efficiently in winds over 20 mph, with gust over 30 mph
  • Cast all of the above, at lengths of 40-70 feet, with good accuracy. 
  • And once caught, have the physical endurance and mental spirit to ride the bull! 

If you lack the experience needed, don't worry; we'll do our best to help you succeed. Also, for any reason we are not successful with the fly, we can always use light tackle. By using light tackle, if the bite is on, the catch rate increases dramatically.

The Bite?

  1. There are specific times during the year that increase the chances of catching a Dorado; multiple Dorado's in one day; and very large Dorado's.  We only sell Dorado programs during these windows. 
  2. Even during these specific windows, the bite could be off for days, and then suddenly turn on (Dorado's can be as picky as a cat, or as hungry as lion).


To all of our clients, we THANK YOU.  Your patronage directly effects the lives of people/families living in the communities we fish.  Why/How?  It's pretty simple; we only work with local guides and business owners, who support our guided DIY philosophy. So, every step of the way, you are working directly with a person who is committed to his/her profession, and is dedicated to their community.

Thanks for reading.  If you are ready for an adventure, we are ready to book your next Argentina Golden Dorado fishing trip.

Saludos Amigos