Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fly Fishing Lessons: Southern New Hampshire

It has been 30 years since she fished.  Deka is a beginner fly fisherman.  She and her husband hired First Cast Fly Fishing​ for an on-land casting class, followed by a 1/2 day in the water fishing class. She caught a couple dozen chub, sunnies, and smallies (no trout).  FYI, when waters are very low and warm, it can be a GREAT time to learn how to fly fish.  Why?  Warm water species are very active and easily caught = it's good practice for a beginner angler!

Client Testimonial

I have used many guides in my 30 year fly fishing career.  I have been abused by Florida guides and yelled at by New Zealand guides. All in all my experiences have been good; however, this weekend in New Hampshire, I experienced the best guide I have ever had. Mark's instruction is gentle but very persistent and technical; he uses many props and physical demonstrations to teach; he'll teach you how to best use your body so as to avoid injuries; he re-taught my wife how to cast a fly, and he corrected many mistakes I have accumulated over time. On the river Mark is not only patient, but he knows the fauna, flora, and the river's history. He told us about his winters in Argentina Patagonia, and we look forward to fishing with him there too!

T. DeCoene. Stamford, CT. USA

Final Word

If you look at my rates, you should quickly realize that I am not a fishing guide or casting instructor for the money.  I am a guide/instructor because I am a teacher.  Teaching is what I do; it's what I am good at (so I have been told); and I love to help anglers.  Speaking of anglers,  I also love receiving great client testimonials -- they make me feel good about our mission at FCFF and who I am as a human being and teacher.

Thanks for supporting First Cast Fly Fishing -- the 'donation only' fly fishing school-guide-instructor-teacher. Hope to see you on the water.