Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fly Fishing Patagonia: Float and Camp Junin de los Andes...The DIY Experience.

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If you are lucky to own a grocery store, you get repeat customers on a weekly basis.  In the destination fly-fishing business, with so many global destinations, you are lucky to get a small percentage of repeat customers.  That being said, we are beginning to have more repeat customers than ever before.  This post will introduce two of our repeat customers and will give you an idea why they continue to work with First Cast Fly Fishing.

Tom and Carl have been fishing buddies since 1960.  They fish Montana every year; frequent the Bahamas, and now return to Junin de los Andes each year.  They have both fished New Zealand, but at age 72 and 73, they feel the +20 hour flight and over-all cost are too much.  When asked why they keep coming back to Argentina they simple say, "it beats winter back in the USA and we feel, for our time and money, this is the best global option going."  These fellows could easily stay at one of seven lodges in the Junin de los Andes area.  They know the rate for these lodges, for a one week all inclusive stay, ranges from $3,200 - $7,000 USA, per per person.  Let's say the average lodge stay is about $5,000 per week, per person ($5,000 X 2 anglers = $10,000 USA).  Here's what Tom and Carl signed up for and a ball park figure of their total cost:

  • 10 days of river floating. 
  • 1 over-night camp trip.
  • 2 days of single man float boat fishing on an andean lake filled with HEALTHY fish.
  • 2 weeks of local lodging with 2 rooms, bath, kitchen, dinning salon, cable TV, Wifi, garden, BBQ, walking distance to town-grocery store, cleaning each day.
  • The total cost was less than $6,000 USA.  That's $3,000 USA per person!

How is this possible?  Are they sleeping in a horse barn?  Are they eating/drinking bread and water? No-No-No.  This is possible because our platform is built upon the USA dollar the Argentine 'Peso Blue.'  For specific information about this, please visit

Rainbows all day long.
Side channels anyone? We stop and hunt for large bows sipping flies.
We offer multiple camping options.
No one in site for miles and miles.
Our one man float boat, andean lake service, is a great fishing experiences.  You can do more with us for less!

Final Word

The value proposition: the sales psychology and the human brain.  I have been told that our prices are so low that anglers may not believe what I have written.  I often here, "there must be something wrong with their fishing services... it's too good to be true."  Folks, there is nothing wrong with our services.  Don't take my word for it, read client testimonials and please feel free to contact me with any questions (PS; I have better things to do than to BS readers and potential clients).

Thanks for reading.  Hope to see you in Patagonia.