Wednesday, December 31, 2014

DIY Fly Fishing Patagonia: Walk-Wade Junin de los Andes, Argentina

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Regis has spent his entire career in the fishing and hunting industry.  Based out of Ohio, he was a independent manufacturer's sales representative, and at one time, manufactured his own flies and lures in Guatemala.  Given his background, he's the perfect angler for one of our DIY walk-wade services (he does not want/need a baby-sitter... just some tips and pointed in the right direction).  As you can see from the photos below, he did just fine on his own and found our DIY service to be exactly what he desired.

We off two DIY walk-wade services.  We feel both of these services are unique because we plugged you into the following:

  • Affordable Hotels
  • Best Food Options
  • Great Fishing Locations
  • Expert advice on equipment, flies, and tactical presentations.
  • We charge a fair price for both of our walk-wade services.

In the late afternoon, I met up with Regis for a quick chat and a few photos. He had about an hour to go before the fishing day ended. Before leaving him, I gave him a few tips and told him about a pool just around the corner (see next pic).  
It's rare to find a Brook Trout/Fontinalis in the upper Malleo.  The Malleo is 99.9% rainbows and browns. 
The right way to end the day!
I enjoy being the photographer.  As a solo angler, it's hard to get quality shots like this.

Final Word

For thousands of years, man has fished by walking, and depending on the water temperature, wading. Walking and fishing is arguably the most natural form of the sport we call fly-fishing.  Why anglers don't do more of it here in Patagonia, is really puzzling to me.  However, this angler from Ohio insisted on walking and I am pretty sure he was happy he did so.

Regis, thanks for working with us.  It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife.  Hope to see you again in Patagonia.

Feliz Ano Nuevo,