Monday, December 29, 2014

DIY Fly Fishing Argentina: Trout, Dorados, Float Trips and Walk-Wade

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We host anglers from all over the world, and very much enjoy doing so.  One country that seems to be a regular with us is Canada.  More specifically, our Canadian clients have all come from the Calgary area.  Not that there is anything wrong with our friends from Calgary, but I wonder what's up with the rest of Canada; are there any traveling anglers in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal? Anyway, Mark Dailey and family (wife, 3 very young kids and an infant) are on an extended family vacation, touring Argentina for 4 months.   On this family tour, the boss gave Mark the 'permission slip' to take a family break and go fishing with us.

Mark chose to work with us because at the end of the day, he probably could afford a lodge stay, but he really just wanted to go fishing, and pay a reasonable price.  He also wanted to try a little bit of everything and not commit to a lengthy fishing program.  Specifically, Mark took advantage of the following programs that we offer:
  • Buenos Aires Golden Dorado single and multi day trips. 
  • Junin de los Andes DIY float fishing for Rainbow and Brown Trout.
  • Junin de los Andes DIY walk-wade for trout. 

We have two DIY float trip options for our clients.  
We float the same waters as the $6,000 USD per week lodge, but our DIY floats offer more value because we do one thing much differently than any other lodge or outfitter.  Sorry, we don't publish our secrets, but we'll tell you when you arrive to Junin de los Andes.
Two days of floating and one day of walk-wade.  At the end of the third day, we had Mark back in San Martin de los Andes for dinner with his family. 

Solo Angler

Many of our solo anglers would love to float more days, but some have a hard time paying the full fair all by themselves.  I don't blame them; as competitive as our pricing is, for the solo angler, the final bill can kill your travel budget.  Plus, a lot of anglers simply do not like floating by themselves. In recognition of this issue, we do everything we can to pair solo anglers together. For example, Mark was paired with Erik, a previous client from Wisconsin.  In the end, Mark enjoyed the company and Erik was able to add two float trips to his DIY walk-wade program.  It all worked out perfectly.

Final Word

If you are traveling through Argentina, experiencing a little bit of everything, our DIY programs offer the best class of service for you.  In other words, if you only have a few days to fish with us, no problem.  Our services are designed to meet your personal travel and fishing needs.

Thank you Mark for working us and we hope to see you again in the future.