Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fly Fishing Lessons in New Hampshire: The Union, Part 2

The E.I. Fly 1X class is offered in an adult and youth-family platform.

I enjoy working (teaching) with beginner anglers because I am mentally tested at every moment. I love the challenge of finding ways to communicate and connect with my students.  To help my students understand the science and art of fly casting, I exhaust my mind by using every possible analogy and metaphor.  To simplify the science of fly casting, I have developed a process called drills-n-skills.  This is a self-taught method that help students teach themselves how their mind and muscle can work together. The goal for the mind and muscle is seamless, intuitive motion; to not think, but simply cast, and do.   The other half of the equation is to be; or the art of fly fishing.  In this sense, my goal is to help my students begin a journey to the uniona state of being where your mind, heart, and nature are connected... Not a place where your mind is conquering your heart and nature.  I call this union E.I. Fly; or, Emotional Intelligence Fly Fishing.

As an instructor, I know that achieving this union is not going to happen in one class.  This is why I have created a series of classes (a path).  This teaching process takes longer, and is not all about catching BIG fish.  Due to the series of classes offered, I have purposely created a fee structure that is affordable. Specifically, we are 100% donation only.  In other words, for the price of a more popular one or two day class offered in the marketplace, you can get a complete series of classes with First Cast Fly Fishing, for less or about the same price.

With our adult classes, I never teach more than four students per class. 

To learn more about the classes I offer, from beginner to advance, please visit the following: http://firstcastflyfishing.blogspot.com/p/lessons-guiding_22.html

Thank you for reading part two.  If you missed part one: http://firstcastflyfishing.blogspot.com/2014/08/fly-fishing-lessons-in-new-hampshire.html

Part three will focus on the best time to learn how to fly fish. Please click the following link:

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