Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fly Fishing Lessons in New Hampshire: Let's Go Fly Fishing

USA Mission

First Cast Fly Fishing® was founded on two core principles...

One, we believe fly fishing is an intellectual, physical and emotional activity that helps connect the mind, body, and spirit to the now (present).  As such, we have developed a fly fishing course and guide service based on the principles of Emotional Intelligence.  We call it the E.I. Fly Fishing System™  In a broad sense, we view the "now" as our ability to co-exist with the individual self, other anglers and non-anglers, and his/her local and global community, and environment.  As you can imagine, our fly-fishing instruction is strongly rooted in an educational platform which focuses on the Science and Art of fly fishing. We also emphasize a strong understanding of conservation, habitat rehabilitation and resource sustainability, personal and environmental health, and community enhancement (both, locally and globally).

Two, FCFF is proud to be the only North American based fly-fishing organization which offers lessons and guiding services based upon a not for profit Donation Only fee system. We have purposely chosen a not for profit Donation Only fee system because our mission is to provide high quality fly-fishing instruction to all people regardless of age, gender, race, physical need, and financial ability.  Note: all donations are used to offset the cost of equipment/supplies, and for our future programs.  In other words, none of our instructors earn any income from your donations.    

Lastly, FCFF is committed to being your New Hampshire based educational and instructional resource for fly fishing. We offer E.I. Fly™ fly casting and fly tying courses throughout the New Hampshire seacoast communities.  Our courses are offered in two formats:  E.I. Fly™ Adult and E.I. Fly™ Youth programs.  For more info: please see specific tabs.

Donation Only?

Most businesses run on a profit platform.  The core function of this platform is to produce a product, or provide a service, and then sell said product/service at the highest profit margin possible.  This should not be a novel concept; we Americans are exposed to this model 24/7. But, rarely do we engage in an organization that offers products or services on a donation only platform...only pay what you can afford.  So, why have we chosen this model? 

We believe...

  • in a payment system that allows everyone to participate, regardless of your financial circumstances. 
  • in providing an educational resource for your community.  You know..."give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish, feed him for life."  

To meet our core values as fisherman, and to meet a growing public demand for cost friendly methods to engage in the great outdoors, we thought a donation only concept would be the best approach.  But, truth be told, people struggle with this concept.  For example,  people have said, "I read that you are a donation only not-for-profit organization, but how much does a class cost?...what is your hourly rate...seriously, how much do you want to can't work for free...what's the this some type of scam?"  People have also questioned the credibility of our services by suggesting, "well, if you are not charging an hourly rate, the lessons that you provide are probably not worth much."

We realize our donation only payment system, especially in the fishing business, is 100% cooky!  We understand that people might have a hard time understanding our motives, and more importantly understand how to make a personal donation.  So, rather than swim upstream with this issue, we have created a suggested minimum donation amount.  The S.M.D. covers our expenses, which include all equipment, fly tying materials, prizes, gas, and other miscellaneous items. In other words, we give our time, knowledge and expertise for FREE.  If you can not meet the S.M.D., please, ONLY PAY FOR WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD.

Adult Services

The E.I. Fly™ adult lessons and guiding are designed for individual and small groups. The course offerings are open to the public, but they are entirely different from the E.I. Fly™ community youth programs. Lastly, all donations from the adult programs are used to offset the cost of equipment and supplies associated with the community youth programs.  For more details, please visit   

Youth Services

Through our E.I. Fly™ Youth community programs, FCFF offers fun filled educational activities, lasting 1.5 - 2.0 hours.   The instruction and activities are intended for children, teenagers and young adults; however, parents/adults (i.e. families) are encouraged to attend.  For more information,

About the Founder of First Cast Fly Fishing

Founder of FCFF: Mark Foley

Over 200 years ago, my family emigrated from Ireland to Tilting, New Foundland. Tilting is located on Fogo Island and for decades the Foley’s earned a living as in-shore Cod fisherman. I have visited Tilting, but I grew up fishing trout streams and the coastal waters of New England.  My love for fishing and adventure travel has led me to places such as Alaska, British Columbia, Montana, New Zealand, Mexico, Belize, Africa and much more.  In fact, in 1999 I spent one year fishing and hiking the Andes mountain range (from Tierra del Fuego to southern Columbia, and from the Galapagos Islands to Brazil).  Since then, I have regularly returned to fish South America, and at one time, I managed an Orvis endorsed fly-fishing lodge in northern Patagonia, Argentina. As you can imagine, my fly-fishing adventures around the world have provided many wonderful life experiences.  As such, I love to share my global fishing experiences by taking anglers on national and global fishing trips. But, when I am home in the U.S.A. my time is spent teaching the science and art of fly-fishing. Speaking of teaching, I am the outdoor challenge instructor and the fly-fishing club adviser at Phillips Exeter Academy, located in Exeter, NH.  I also enjoy volunteering as a certified fly fishing instructor for the NH Fish & Game and Trout Unlimited Youth Programs.  Lastly, I am a certified Boy Scout of America Fly Fishing Merit Badge Counselor. 

In the cold winter months of New Hampshire, typically January through April, you'll find me in the warm summer months of northern Patagonia, Argentina.  For many years now, I have been a part-time resident of Junin de los Andes. Between my personal fishing time and hosting anglers, I teach English via private lessons. Please feel free to learn more about Patagonia by simply visiting the Patagonia tab, on the main header. 

- NH Licensed Fly Fishing Guide
- NH Fish & Game Certified Fly Fishing Instructor
- Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge Counselor
- Trout Unlimited and Federation of Fly Fishers Life Member
- Three Rivers Stocking Board Member 
- Former Orvis endorsed Patagonia lodge manager
- CPR, First-Aide, NOLS Wilderness First-Aide, PADI, NASBLA
- Bachelor of Arts and varsity football, Iowa State University 1992
- Prior Career: 15 years Medical Sales Product Development

Thank you and welcome to First Cast Fly Fishing.

Mark Foley