Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fly Fishing Lessons and Guiding in New Hampshire: 2014 New, Lower Pricing for Casting Pond


In a world of inflation/increased cost, you don't hear this everyday... we have upgraded our services and lowered our donation rates for New Hampshire fly fishing lessons and guiding. 

Please continue reading, or for a complete overview of our services, please visit the Adult Services tab. Thank you and looking forward to working with you. 

- Mark  

E.I. Fly™3X: Intermediate Level (Casting-Fishing on Water)

In the E.I. Fly™3X class, the type and size of the fish does not matter.  The goal? Before we get you 'in' a river, we simply want you to become more familiar with 'actively' targeting and catching fish.

You have completed both the  E.I. Fly™1X and 2X courses.  You are now consider 'dangerous' (meaning you can cast and you are ready to catch and land a fish.  Combining the skills you learned in our 1X and 2X classes, and at our private casting pond, we will now walk you through the mental and physical process of targeting and catching fish.  For example, we will focus on fly selection, leader/tippet length, casting technique, fly presentation, line management, setting the hook, fighting the fish, proper catch-n-release techniques and much more. 

Rate: Donation Only
  • (1) Angler: suggested minimum donation is $25 per hour 
  • (2) Anglers: suggested minimum donation is $30 per hour
  • Age: Best suited for 14 years and older.  Under 12 years old, must be accompanied by an adult 
  • Monday-Sunday

    Note: All donations are used to offset the cost of equipment and supplies associated with the community youth programs.

    Equipment Needed: Polarized Sunglasses. Hat, and appropriate clothing. Camera. Food-Beverage.  We provide all equipment; however, if you have your own fly rod and accessories, please feel free to bring them.