Sunday, February 9, 2014

DIY Walk-Wade and Floating Patagonia Argentina and Chile: From Frank to Francisco, in Three Weeks

Over a year ago, I was invited to give my Fly Fishing and Traveling Patagonia presentation, at the Portsmouth, New Hampshire library.  As usual, prior to the presentation, I had no idea whom, and how many people would show up.  If I recall correctly, I had about 30 people in the audience.  One of the attendee’s was Frank Clarkson.  As it turns out, Frank's wife saw an advertisement in the local paper and she suggested he attend the presentation. Fast-forward twelve months after the presentation; I received a call from Frank…he wanted to meet in person and discuss, what else, but fishing Patagonia.

Fortunately for both of us, Frank only lives 15 minutes from my house.  So, due to our proximity, we had the chance to meet face-to-face.  We met on two or three occasions and I soon discovered that Frank was taking a 4-month sabbatical from work.  Speaking of work, Frank is the pastor and the Universalist Unitarian Church, in Haverhill, MA. Prior to becoming a pastor, Frank was a successful, self-employed commercial photographer.  I also discovered that his daughter recently graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy; however, she was not a member of our fly fishing club (I am the club advisor; and Frank's daughter graduated #1 in her class = too busy for fishing). Well, upon our last meeting, I was delighted to learn that Frank's fishing plans changed from one week, to three weeks. I asked him why.  He explained, "after listening to your presentation at the library, then doing my own research, and finally meeting with you; I do believe you are even begin to 'feel' Patagonia, an angler needs a minimum of two, I have four months off, why not add another week.”  I like how Frank thinks.  With all this in mind, I began to plan a three week Argentina and Chile travel and fly fishing adventure program. 

Three weeks! How does one plan for a three week Patagonia fly fishing and traveling adventure?  Lucky for me, in the year 1999, and for twelve months, I hiked and fished from Tierra del Fuego to Columbia.  My point? From Junín de los Andes to Futaleufu/La Junta Chile, and all points/waters in between, I know this area like the back of my hand.  So, if you ever want to experience the real Patagonia, which means combining Argentina and Chile, please feel free to talk to me about our adventure travel programs.  Better yet, see Frank’s pictures, testimonial and even feel free to contact him.

Week 1: Floating Patagonia Can be CHEAP!  

Frank was a solo traveler; which means he would have to pay the full amount for our float trip service (we don't discount float trips and this adds up quickly, for a solo DIY angler).  I had another solo angler wishing to visit Patagonia, during the same time.  So, I suggested they fish together on the floats, thus, each saving 50% of the daily cost.   The rest is  history...enjoy the photo's.

What a fish!
Same fish from above photo
Lots and lots of rainbows in the 18" to 26" range.
Off in the distance = Collon Cura Cliffs. 
Look at the rudder on this gal!

Final Word

By combining his float trip with another solo angler Frank saved over $1,000 USD.  Further, Frank spent three weeks with FCFF and his total bill was about the same as one week stay, at a high end fly fishing lodge. But, the experiences he received; well, that's hard to quantify...only Francisco can tell you that.

We believe your time spent in Patagonia should be 100% dedicated to meeting your personal fishing needs. In other words, we'll put you in the best fishing spots that meet your style of fishing; and, we'll put you in the best lodging that meets your budget. So, if you are looking to create your own DIY walk-wade and float trips, or the combination of both, or travel to Chile, please feel free to contact us. Lastly, please feel free to read testimonials from previous clients at

Many Thanks...Gone Fishing,


PS. Our business is 100% organic, and by referral (we focus on fishing).  If you like us, please feel free to share and post comments.  FYI, you can find us on Facebook.

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What does this mean for you = obviously there is a 50% savings, but more more floats trips for you.