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DIY Fly Fishing Patagonia Argentina ad Chile: New Hampshire Young Buc's Walk, Float, Travel

This season has been unusual in two distinct ways.  One, we have been catching lots of Brown Trout, and many of them have been between 20"- 30".  Just the other day we caught this BPB (big patagonia brown).

The other unusual aspect, we have had five anglers/clients under the age of thirty five years old.  In fact, three anglers were under twenty five years old.  This may not seem odd to the average Joe, but it's a well known fact that in the U.S.A., fly fishing amongst youth, is virtually dead (or severely struggling).  For instance, groups such as Trout Unlimited and Federation of Fly Fishers are struggling to engage the next generation. So, it makes me wonder why we have had a high amount of young U.S.A. anglers visit us this year?  My guess, the next generation is not interested in joining groups such as Trout Unlimited, but there are a good handful of them fly fishing, independently on their own. Regarding the fly fishing biz in Patagonia, I also think the younger generation anglers do not want to stay at a lodge (they want something real and an affordable value).  Well, that's enough on that subject.

Currently, we are hosting Kyle and Jeremy, both from Franklin, New Hampshire. I met these two anglers in Plymouth, New Hampshire; at the Pemmigawasset Trout Unlimited chapter meeting (I was given my slide show presentation, "Fly Fishing and Traveling Patagonia").  Back in the U.S.A., Jeremy and his dad own/operate  and Kyle and his dad own/operate

My native brethren signed up for a walk-wade, float, and adventure travel program...the whole sha-bang!

Part Three: Adventure Travel... 

Kyle and Jeremy's 'Excellent' Adventures
Los Alerces National Park, Argentina

From Bariloche, Los Alerces is about 4 hours drive time.  When you arrive in Cholila and see these mountains, you know you are close to the park entrance. Photo by Kyle Matzke.
A 2 day pass cost $65 pesos, per person; or a 2 week pass cost $150 pesos, per person.  With either, you can enter and exit the park 24/7.
Time for me to set up camp at camping Abuelo Daniel, located just outside the park, in villa Rividavia.  FYI,  we could not camp in the national park because there was a mouse/disease problem. If you come in contact with mouse poop, evidently you'll become extremely ill and possibly die.  Photo by Kyle Matzke.
Tonight's Menu: Cocinero Foley prepares...Grilled Chicken/Steaks/Sauges; Baked Potato's with Onions and Herbs; Avacaod-Tomato-Cabbage-Walnut Salad; Wine and Beer. 
One of the strangest looking dog's I have ever seen, but 'Macho' was a good dog and he helped clean the dishes. Photo by Kyle Matzke.
At our campsite you have immediate access to nature, water and more. Photo by Kyle Matzke.
From our campsite, a short walk to Rio Carrilefu. Photo by Kyle Matzke.
Rio Carrilefu joins two lakes.  It's known to fish best fish in early season.  While prepared dinner, Kyle and Jeremy enjoyed an early evening walk-wade.  Photo by Kyle Matzke.
Either Kyle is a dwarf of that is one big tree/tree trunk! Photo by Kyle Matzke.
After a great dinner, restful sleep under the Patagonia stars, it was time to fish the crystal waters of the Rio Rivadavia. Photo by Kyle Matzke.
Jeremy used the same type of fly for over 10 days.  In all waters and situations, it did him right. Photo by Kyle Matzke.
On our walk back, Jeremy spotted this little guy cruising in a small tributary.
Jeremy and his fly were on fire.  Well done amigo...many people come here and strike-out.
I bring anglers to the best spots and gladly give them the first cast.  But, enough watching...I had to get a fix!
Hard to believe this spot hold bow's, brown's, and big brookies.  Actually, truth be told, this about average size.
On Day 02, after a long day of fishing, I pre-arranged an Asado...nothing like locally grown fresh meat. Photo by Kyle Matzke.
I do my very best to put my guest in 100% real Patagonia experiences. Photo by Kyle Matzke.
Over 100 years ago, Daniel's family came to villa Rividavia.  He is a great host and is 100% dedicated to providing you the best service. Photo by Kyle Matzke.
You are seeing four very happy people eating in an authentic Patagonia Quincho = indoor grill and eatery.  Photo by Kyle Matzke.
Good-Bye Los Alerces...Vamos al Chile.

Fishing with FCFF in Patagonia

We feel very fortunate to host anglers from all over the world, but it is especially nice to host anglers from our home state of New Hampshire.  To read more about their adventures:

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