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DIY Walk-Wade Fly Fishing Patagonia Argentina: From New York City to Patagonia

Our friends from Munich Germany have left and now we are hosting Kenton Chik, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City, USA.   Kenton parents are originally from Hong Kong, and immigrated to the USA, over twenty years ago.  His family story captures the America spirit: work hard, be smart with your money, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Speaking of, Kenton went to Brooklyn Tech High School. He achieved top swimming and academics awards; and is now a senior at Cornell University, a top 100 university in the world.  He is studying business and environmental resources.  When he is not being a good student, he co-founded the Cornell Fly Fishing Club, and fishes minutes from the Cornell campus. Upon graduation, Kenton has already secured job with Deutsche Bank; thanks to his previous internship.  Do you get the feeling that this 21 year old kid has his act together?

Kenton is a self-taught angler.  I would categorize him as an advance beginner, and dangerous.   Well, after 10 days of Patagonia fly fishing, I know he is well on his way to becoming a great angler.  What a way to dive completely into a 10 day Patagonia fishing trip; and learn in some of the most technical waters on earth.  He made lots of mistakes, and discovered some bad, hard to break habits.  But, each day, with some instruction, and at times, tough love, I watched this young angler progress.  As a result, his ability to catch bigger fish, in tight spots, that required deadly accurate cast, greatly improved.

Of Kenton's 10 days, we spent the majority of time on the Rio Malleo; one of Argentina's best walk-wade rivers.

Rio Malleo Facts

Location: Junin de los Andes, Argentina.  Approximately, +/- 1 hour from Junin.
Province: Neuquen
Fishing Season: Generally, November 01 till May 31st.
Licensed Required: Yes, general fishing only.
Floating:  Floating the Malleo is prohibited.
Entrance Fee:  Currently $40 pesos (per day) to enter the lower section or Mapuche reservation.
Camping: Yes, only on the Mapuche reservation, $15 pesos per night.
Length: 64 Kilometers or 40 miles.
Origin: Lago Tromen (third major lake tributary to the rio Alumine).
Termination: Alumine.
Fly Rods: 9ft/4wt through 9ft/6wt. Switch = 11ft/5wt.
Fly Lines:  Floating for dry flies and nymphs.  Seasonal use of sink tips for faster-deeper water.
Flies:  Sorry, but we only share this information with our guest.

Meet Kenton Chik. Lago Huechulafquen and +12,000 ft volcan Lanin.
Kenton's first trout in Patagonia; caught on the lower Chimehuin.  I taught Kenton how to nymph fish with my TFO Deer Creek Switch Rod, an 11ft 5wt trout sword.  I am 100% that this rod will be on his future Christmas list.   
Lower Malleo offers endless opportunities for the DIY walk-wade angler.  Kenton posing with a +/- 20" wild bow.
Upper Malleo = the best DIY walk-wade river in all of Patagonia.  This was one of Kenton's best fished/deserved catches.  I was the spotter and he hooked this beauty with a dry-dropper in a tight, fast pocket of water = for me, it was very cool to watch the action.  
I taught Kenton how to tie flies; a San Juan Worn, to be exact.  This is his very first fish on a fly tied by himself.  Congratulations Kenton on completing the circle.
Papa Noel brought Kenton a present for Christmas.  
Christmas day BBQ/Asado = The Real Patagonia Experience.
Junin de los Andes in the fly fishing capital of Argentina.  Who better to pose with than the legend himself; Mel Krieger hand carved wooden statue.
Winds gusting up to 40 knots and 7 days of fishing hard = gelato run the San Martin de los Andes.
Kenton's first fly.  If you fly fish and have not learned how to tie a few basic, yet effective flies, in my opinion, you are missing an entire world of thought-feeling-emotion-intelligence.
Our fly fishing trips are not all about fishing.  We provide a blend of unique DIY experiences; even cooking empanadas with the locals.
New Year's Eve; Kenton's last fish in Patagonia.  The last two days Kenton battled 4 extremely large trout.  All of them got away. At this location seen in the above photo, one almost made it to shore, but at the last second, this 30" rainbow, desperately shot away from us and spat the hook.  A heartbreaking experience, but $@!& happens in Patagonia.   

Fishing with FCFF, in Patagonia

We believe your time spent in Patagonia should be 100% dedicated to meeting your personal fishing needs. In other words, we'll put you in the best fishing spots that meet your style of fishing; and, we'll put you in the best lodging that meets your budget. So, if you are looking to create your own DIY walk-wade and float trips, or the combination of both, please feel free to contact us.  Lastly, please feel free to read testimonials from previous clients at

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