Sunday, January 19, 2014

DIY Walk-Wade Fly Fishing Patagonia: A Man from Down-Under Testimonial

Here's what Leigh has to say about his experience with FCFF.

Fishing with Mark was a great way to experience the best that Patagonian fly fishing has to offer. He has an extensive knowledge of the rivers and how to fish them. Rather than being tied to one location Mark offers the flexibility to fish how and where you want and to fish the most productive places at any time. Whether you prefer small streams or big Patagonian rivers, there is great fishing to be found in beautiful places.

Leigh Martin. Sydney, Australia. 

A wild Patagonia Rainbow, just over 24".  Caught a dry-dropper.  Congratulations Leigh...way to rep Australian fly fisherman!
Day 02:  It's Leigh's last day, so I wanted to show him big Patagonia water, to hopefully catch a big Patagonia Brown Trout.  So, we fished the confluence of the Malleo and Alumine.  Leigh used my brand new Reddington Dually Switch Rod, lined with RIO Chucker ine.  He had never used a two handed rod before.  With a few quick tips, Leigh was casting like a champ.  In the above photo, Leigh landed a large native Patagonia Perca (Perch).   Regarding the use of the switch rod, Leigh said, "I am quite surprised how easy it is to cast an 11ft feels very fluid and does not take much effort for the line to travel a far distance."  He's absolutely correct.  The amount of energy needed to cast this rod is surprisingly low.  Congratulations on catching a trophy Perca. 

Day 02:  After we fished the confluence, we headed up-stream, to put our single hand rods to the test.  On a dry-dropper combo, both Leigh and Kenton got into a handful for Rainbow's, in the 18"-22" range.  Unfortunately, the Patagonia sun washes out the brilliant colors this bow had.  

I wish I had more time to fish with Leigh.  In our short two days, I learned that Leigh has a PhD and specializes in reptiles.  He splits his time working at a University and an environmental NGO, both located in Sydney, Australia.  Leigh was happy to share information about trout fishing in Australia's region called the Snowy Mountains.  Hard to believe that Australia, with its warm sunny climate has good trout fishing.  But, Leigh tells me that the trout streams are located well above 1,500 ft.  From Sydney, Leigh drives 2.5 hours to fish his favorite trout stream.  If your in Sydney and want to fish for trout, send me an email and I will put you in touch with Leigh.  Last word: Leigh also tells me that Tasmania has very good trout fishing.

Fishing with FCFF in Patagonia

We feel very fortunate to host anglers from all over the's a wonderful experience sharing our angling cultures.  As we continue to host more non North American anglers, we begin to see a pattern. For instance, the majority of these anglers come to Argentina for 30 days and enjoy doing/seeing a little bit of everything...not just fishing 24/7.  With that in mind, I truly believe our DIY walk-wade and float services are among the best option, for the angler who wishes to spend 1-3 days fly fishing Patagonia best waters.  But, don't take my word, feel free to read client testimonials at

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