Monday, January 6, 2014

DIY Fly Fishing Patagonia Argentina: German Fly Fisherman Testimonials...Petri Heil

Nature has no motive to be anything but itself.  It's easy to read; nature is truth (plain and simple).  On the other hand, human-nature is complex, and unfortunately, tends to engage in a whole lot of non-truths.  That being said, how does one determine what is real, and not real?  What is true, and what is not? Well, at First Cast Fly Fishing we try to make our business like nature; easy to read, and plain and simple.  For some, they accept what we say (write), but for others, they need more convincing.  So, the next best thing we can do is to offer personal testimonials from our clients.  But, even at that, you will only know if we are what we are, if you come to Patagonia and experience it for yourself.

These two young anglers were kind enough to give FCFF the opportunity to prove ourselves; to see if what we say/write is as real as nature...the truth. 

Muchas Gracias Amigos...Petri Heil!

Johannes, from Munich, Germany.  The fish and smile says it all!  Johannes and David visited the 2nd week of December.  The fishing was out of this world.  

In Munich, we have known each other since we were 6 years old. When we were young, we spent a lot of time fishing together during our days in school. As young adults, our studies (high school, college) began and we did not fish together, as much.  Here in Patagonia,  was the first time, after 7 years of no fishing,  that we were able to fish together again.  David was starting a business in Bogota, Columbia and I finished my masters in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  We were only 7,000 kilometers between each other, so before starting our careers, we decided to meet in Patagonia, and go fishing with First Cast Fly Fishing.

Only minutes after our first cast in Patagonia, we started landing many brown and rainbow trout (this did not change during the whole week of fishing). On the very first morning the first morning we caught three trophies; not counting dozens of good trout`s we lost during the fights.  Coming from Germany, we were surprised about the incredible strength of the wild trout in Patagonia. The quality and size of the fish have made our decision clear: “we will come again!" Among the trophies, there was several fish over 45cm, and two brown trout with 60cm, and almost 7pounds. What a fight! Never in my life had we caught fishes that big. Never in our life had we fished in rivers so beautiful, and so full of fish. Never in our life will we forget this trip!

This all was only possible thanks to First Cast Fly Fishing; DIY walk-wade program.  Mark's partner, and our guide, Gustavo, was born and raised in Argentina, and we believe he thinks like a trout. The smile on his face and the true happiness, when one of us caught a fish told everything. Passionate, patient and full of tips and tricks, both he and Mark made the fishing in Patagonia an experience of a lifetime. During one week, we evolved to highly successful fly fishermen. Thanks to Mark's hospitality and organization we stayed in an affordable, and safe apartment, next door. Both Mark and Gus, always made sure that we were not lacking anything.

If you like fishing, nature and good food, a fishing trip with First Cast Fly Fishing in Patagonia is a must.  We will come again for sure.  Muchas gracias and hasta pronto...Petri Heil!

To read more and see more photos:

Johannes Leicher.  Munich, Germany.

David Arnold, on the Chimehuin River, with a beautiful +/- 18' Brown Trout.  David is a beginner fly fisherman and with our instruction, and his ability to learn quickly, he was able to catch plenty of fish.  

Since we were both in South American, and before our careers would soon allow us not much leisure time, a “Patagonian reunion” seemed to be perfect opportunity to revive good old times, that we once enjoyed in Munich Germany. 

Soon after the first cast, the beautiful landscape and tranquility of Patagonian rivers allowed me to forget about the stresses of life. The trouts followed suite and forgot about cautious feeding. In the first hours, three trophy trouts promised the fly fishing trip of our lives. Under perfect conditions during the comfortably fresh morning and evening hours, we enjoyed extremely resourceful fishing waters and surrounding nature equally. In extended siestas and with a goodArgentinian Asado's, we became locals very quickly :)

For the Patagonia DIY walk-wade angler, in my opinion, Mark and Gus, are the fly fishing dream team of the Americas.  They were very eager to show us every tip and tricks, so that our fishing on the Malleo and Chimehuin waters was the best experience.  Thank you for an amazing fly fishing vacation.
David Arnold. Munich, Germany