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Fly Fishing in New Hampshire: Three Rivers Stocking Association Annual Fund Raiser

Three Rivers Stocking Association
Annual Fund Raiser

Date:  September 24, 2013
Time: 6:00pm Start
6:30pm Pizza and Drinks
7:00pm Auction
Location: The veterans hall building 
on the corner of 
Back River Rd and Spruce Lane. Dover, New Hampshire.

Last year Lucas donated money and received fly fishing lessons from FCFF.  Beautiful hold over Brown Trout from TRSA. 

About Three Rivers

Three Rivers Stocking Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to raising money for the purpose of stocking trout in local waters (Cocheo, Lamprey and Isinglass Rivers). In addition to our stocking efforts, we are a group of fly-fishermen actively involved in habitat restoration projects led by the Southeast New Hampshire Great Bay Trout Unlimited Chapter 613. 

Four beginner anglers from Ohio, on vacation in the Cocheo River.  After fishing we went to a local restaurant = supported the local economy.

Why Help Raise Money

Contrary to public opinion, it's not just about fish!  

Whether you are an angler or not, there are many reasons why people should support the Three Rivers annual fund raising event.  The most obvious benefit is the money raised will be used 100% to purchase and stock the rivers with beautiful, and often large, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Brook Trout. However, there are many more advantages such as....

  • Provides a valuable resource for your community (both financially, and culturally).
  • Helps enhance on-going water and wildlife restoration projects.
  • Offers a convenient low carbon option vs. driving 4-8 hours to alternate cold water-trout fishing location.
  • Provides an amazing educational opportunity via local youth Trout in the Classroom projects, sponsored by Great Bay Trout Unlimited.  

Still Don't Understand Why You Should Support Three Rivers?

Folks, once upon a time, in the great bay area of New Hampshire, we had six rivers teeming with wild Brook Trout, Atlantic Salmon, Atlantic Sturgeon and Striped bass.  Wild brook trout averaged five pounds! Atlantic Salmon measure +/- 40" and were well over thirty pounds. The native Abenaki people used to catch Atlantic Sturgeon that measured over eighteen feet!  So, how does having healthy rivers and lots of fish in those rivers help you and your community?  Well, ask yourself this...

  • Can you imagine if our seacoast rivers had sustainable fish populations?
  • Can you imagine anglers coming from all over the world to catch the 'king' of salmon, the Atlantic Salmon?
  • Can you imagine how this would boost our local economies? (tourism, hotels, restaurants, etc) 
  • Can you imagine how this would improve the value of your property and community?
  • Can you imagine your community embracing this resource; much like Maine and lobster's and Vermont and maple syrup.  Why not New Hampshire and ?????

We Believe... Do You? 

Call us crazy fishermen, but we believe!  We believe as a community, we can recreate what we once had.  We believe that stocking our local waters is a vital part of on-going habitat conservation and restoration projects. But, we need the support of the entire community. Bottom line, we need your financial support to achieve both short and long term goals. 

How Much Do We Need? 

We are not asking for you to break the bank!  We realize times are tough and resources are limited.  But imagine the following...

  • If each person living in Dover, New Hampshire donated $1.00 = over $30,000!  
  • If each person living in Portsmouth, New Hampshire donated $1.00 = over $20,000!
  • If each person living in Durham, New Hampshire donated $1.00 = over $12,000!
  • If each person living in New Market, New Hampshire donated $1.00 = over $7,000!
  • If each person living in Exeter, New Hampshire donated $1.00 = over $14,000!

The grand total would be over $80,000 USD!

Truth be told, if this were to happen in one lump sum, we could create a sustainable fund, providing enough income each year to never hold a fund raiser event again.  But, back to reality...we simply need you to contribute something.  Something could be money or an item that we can auction off at our event.  For example, we have many people that donate hand-made flies.  But, don't be afraid to think outside the box...we'll accept non-fishy items such as gift certificates to restaurants, spa's, movie theatre's, etc.  Lastly, we have a special offer for this event only...

Special Offer

Donate on or before September 24, 2013 
First Cast Fly Fishing will provide...

Beginner Fly Casting Lessons

First Cast Fly Fishing Beginner Casting Pond

1. A donation of $10 per hour/per person will earn you beginner fly casting lessons.  For example: 2 hours X $10 per hour = $20 total for one person.  If you already know how to fly fish, think of your donation as a gift certificate for a family member or friend.  

Beginner Fly Tying Lessons

First Cast Fly Fishing teaching the Wooly Bugger

1. A donation of $10 per person/per hour will earn you a complimentary fly tying lesson. For example: 4 hours X $10 = $40 total for one person.  FCFF will drive to your home or meet you at a convenient location.  If you know how to tie flies, think of your donation as a gift certificate to a family member or friend.

River Guiding

First Cast Fly Fishing and TRSA Donors

1. A donation of $20 per hour/per person, will earn you a complimentary guided trip on the Cocheco River.  For example; 4 hours x $20 per person = $80 total for one person.  Again, think of your donation as a gift for yourself, family, or friend. 

Questions and Answers

Q:  If the NH Fish & Game stocks these rivers, why would I want to donate money?
A:  The NH Fish & Game does a very limited stocking.  Our stocking program enhances the small stocking done by the NH Fish & Game, and provides trophy sized trout! 

Q:  If I don't donate, can I still fish the Cocheco, Lamprey and Isinglass Rivers?  
A:  Yes, simply follow the special rules as stated in the NH fishing regulations.  However, we strongly encourage you to make a donation and become part of our community of anglers.

Q:  While on the river, why do anglers ask me if I am a member of, or if I have donated to Three Rivers Stocking?
A:  Between Great Bay Trout Unlimited, Three Rivers and other conservation groups, we are in the process of creating a sustainable fishery; and that takes money.  Also, we are in the process of creating a fishing community of anglers and non-anglers.  Please don't be offended by our's all for the good of your community.  We simply believe that if you are using the resource, then people should consider making a donation...even if it is only a few bucks. 

Q:  I don't fly fish, so why would I give any money to Three Rivers?
A:  This is not about fly fisherman vs. spin fisherman.  This is about creating a sustainable fishery for all to enjoy.  But, if you ever wanted to learn how to fly fish...did you see the special offer above?  This is an amazing opportunity to learn how to fly fish...on the cheap! You give a donation, and in return you learn how to fly fish from a NH licensed guide and former Patagonia fly fishing lodge manager.  That's are hard deal to beat! 

Q:  Why does FCFF offer such special incentives?
A:  We like to help!  We strongly believe that we must support community based programs that help protect natural resources and provide educational/recreational activities for all to enjoy.

Final Word

If you believe in our mission, please consider supporting our fund raiser and help spread the word...

If you are believer...thank you for your SUPPORT!

Thank you for your support
See you on September 24th!

Where to send your Donation?

Please mail your donation to:

Three Rivers Stocking 

C/O Lyn Walters 
200 Grant Avenue, Portsmouth, NH 03801 

Donations via PayPal