Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Youth Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Lessons, in New Hampshire (NH)

 Fly Casting via Public Community Programs

E.I. Fly™ Community Youth Programs

The FCFF public community programs are fun filled educational activities, lasting 1.5 - 2.0 hours.   Though the instruction and activities are intended for children, teenagers and young adults, parents/adults are encouraged to attend. 

The FCFF public community programs are held in cooperation with the following local organizations. 

  • Community Parks and Recreation Departments
  • Public Libraries
  • Public and Private Schools
  • National Youth Programs: Boy Scouts of America
  • Fund raising events with local and national non-profit agencies
  • Local parades, fairs, and other seasonal community celebrations
  • Summer Youth Adventure Camps
  • Three Rivers Stocking Association (
  • Great BayTrout Unlimited (
  • Coastal Conservation Association of New Hampshire (
  • New Hampshire Fish and Game (

Donation Only?

Most businesses run on a profit platform.  The core function of this platform is to produce a product, or provide a service, and then sell said product/service at the highest profit margin possible.  This should not be a novel concept; we Americans are exposed to this model 24/7.  But, rarely do we engage in an organization that offers products or services on a donation only platform...only pay what you can afford.  So, why have we chosen this model? 

We believe...

  • In a payment system that allows everyone to participate, regardless of your financial circumstances. 
  • In providing an educational resource for your community.  You know..."give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish, feed him for life."  

To meet our core values as fisherman, and to meet a growing public demand for cost friendly methods to engage in the great outdoors, we thought a donation only concept would be the best approach.  But, truth be told, people struggle with this concept.  For example,  people have said, "I read that you are a donation only not-for-profit organization, but how much does a class cost?...what is your hourly rate...seriously, how much do you want to can't work for free...what's the this some type of scam?"  People have also questioned the credibility of our services by suggesting, "well, if you are not charging an hourly rate, the lessons that you provide are probably not worth much."

We realize our donation only payment system, especially in the fishing business, is 100% cooky!  We understand that people might have a hard time understanding our motives, and more importantly understand how to make a personal donation.  So, rather than swim upstream with this issue, we have created a suggested minimum donation amount.  The S.M.D. covers our expenses, which include all equipment, fly tying materials, prizes, gas, and other miscellaneous items. In other words, we give our time, knowledge and expertise for FREE.  If you can not meet the S.M.D., please, ONLY PAY FOR WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD.

E.I. Fly™ Activity Descriptions

Fly Casting:  This beginner activity offers instruction on fly-fishing fundamentals such as rod set-up and balance, casting theory-instruction, and casting drills & skills.  We provide micro-practice rods from ECHO and standard 9 foot fly rods.  You will learn a variety of basic casting techniques and just before the end; you will test your skills in the official FCFF casting competition.  Be sure to bring your ‘A’ game because winners will take home a prize!

  • Cost:  Suggested Minimum Donation: $5.00 per person
  • Hours:  maximum 1.5 - 2.0 hours. 
  • Capacity: generally 10-15 people, but highly varies per event. 
  • Age: 12 years and up. Under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Note:  All donations are used to offset the cost of equipment and supplies.  Equipment: All equipment is provided, however, if you own fly rod and reel, please feel free to bring it.  Please dress according to local weather conditions.  Sunglasses are a good idea for eye protection.  Lastly, don’t forget your camera and video equipment.

HMH Supports our Community & Youth Model

Fly Tying:  This activity offers the beginner instruction on how to tie a few ‘time tested’ flies that will catch fish in both sweet and salt water. This activity can be taught year round and makes for a great foul weather, indoor activity.  All equipment and material are provided. 

  • Cost:  Suggested Minimum Donation: $5.00 per person.
  • Hours: maximum 1.5 - 2 hours.  
  • Maximum Capacity: 5 people per instructor.
  • Age: 12 years and up.  Under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
Note:  All donations are used to offset the cost of equipment and supplies.

E.I. Fly™ Instructors

All FCFF instructors have undergone state and national criminal background checks.  We are all certified NH Fish & Game fly-fishing instructors.  In addition, many of our instructors are New Hampshire licensed guides.  Lastly, we are First Aide and CPR trained.

Your lead instructor, Mark Foley, is a certified fly fishing instructor for the New Hampshire Fish & Game, a New Hampshire licensed fishing guide, a merit badge counselor for the Boy Scouts of America, a former Orvis endorsed fly fishing lodge manager in Patagonia Argentina, the Phillips Exeter Academy Outdoor Challenge Instructor and fly fishing club advisor.  We are all volunteers, and the remaining team of instructors are fly fishing experts who have a strong desire to contribute to their communities by introducing the values and the joy of fly fishing to all anglers.

Mark Foley: Founder & Head Guide

Note: To be an instructor, licensed guide, club adviser, and merit badge counselor, the FCFF team must undergo all local and national criminal background checks.   

Date - Time - Location

Our public community programs are taught throughout the year.  For specific details, please click the FCFF 'Events-Calendar' tab, follow our calendar on Facebook, or contact your local community organization.

Don't see a public community program in your area?  If you would like the E.I. Fly™ Public Community Programs to come to your area, please contact FCFF or your local official who coordinates such programs.  Or, you are welcome to create your own event. For example, we have held fly casting and tying events at public libraries, hospitals, senior citizen centers, and youth homes.     


FCFF is a not for profit 'Donation Only' fly fishing organization. All donations go directly towards paying for the cost of equipment, supplies, and the gifts given to all participants.  Generally, the suggested donation rate for our public community programs is $5.00 per person.

Your donations are very much appreciated and help make FCFF an affordable and sustainable educational resource for your community.  In advance, we thank you for your cooperation and support!