Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fly Fishing Patagonia: Day 08 Chile

Day 08: 143 days left.

Before I start, I would like to mention that you may experience a few format and grammatical errors.  I am doing my best to put my best English forward, but I simply do not have the time to thoroughly edit/review everything I would take too much time.  In advance, thanks for understanding.

Pretty Cool Artwork in the Santiago Metro Line (subway).

Today began the same way Day 07 did.  I ate breakfast and was off on another search, locate and buy mission. My goal, buy a hex wrench set.  Not the standard hex key set that many of us have in our homes.  I need the kind with the long shafts and bulky handle on the end. Why? With the long screw-driver type handle, you can get into to tight spots (like my roof rack, that I will soon have to put on), and easily/efficiently tighten things.  So, as though it was ground hog day, I soon found myself on the Santiago Metro Line, heading for a place called the home center.  Unlike the Metro-Line trip the day before, this journey took half the time and involved no bus transfers.  

Many times, when I tell people that parts of South America are well developed, and in fact more so than the USA, I get strange looks of disbelief.  Well, I am about to share with you my experience and proof that, in this case Santiago, is as developed as the USA.  How and Why?  Well, you can thank companies like Home Depot and Walmart for their global expansion, for better or worse.  What you are looking at below is the Chilean version of Home Depot.  However, this store not only sells your standard Home Depot products (tools, paint, wood, etc), it also sells just anything to do with the home (camping, cookware, furniture, water-sports, tires, and much more).   Fortunately for me, they had exactly what I was looking for.  

As I stood in the tool isle, it felt very familiar because it was set-up exactly like the Home Depot tool isle's in the USA.  Given this fact, I felt I could find the Hex Wrench set easily.  But, not so fast...I found everything but the Hex set (power tools, saw, hammer, tool sets, etc).  So, I decided to do what I do best, ask questions.   The only problem, I don't know how to say Hex Wrench in Spanish.  The feeling of helplessness always approaches me at these moments.  Lucky for me, the feeling does not last long, and I push forward until I get what I needed.  At this point, picture me trying to describe a Hex wrench to the employee.  Truth be told, I can't remember what I said to him, but within a few seconds, he was pointing to the He Keys and Hew Wrench Sets. As I looked at the packaging, looking for the Spanish word for Hex, it read Hex...WTF!  All along the word that I did not know in Spanish,  was in English, and my guess, it' called a Hex in all parts of the world.  We both laughed about it and it made realize how many other times this has happened to me, while traveling in Spanish speaking countries.  Guess I need to remind myself to first tell the other person the word in English, to see if there is a match, or not.  

Home Depot or Home Center?

Wood = Madera

You can't see the lines, but this place was rock'n for a Tuesday morning.

The next purchase item = step ladder, two of them, to be exact.  Most vacationers don't travel with their own step ladders, but I am not most vacationers, and have you seen how high my truck is?  Once, I get my truck rolling on the road, I will need to attach the front and rear roof racks.  As tall as I am, doing this without the assistance of ladders, is almost impossible.  So, safety first...I don't need my vacation to end unexpectedly. Another reason for the ladders, with a single board across the steps, I now have a camping table...great for cooking and tending bar.  And last, a single ladder might be needed for those who may find the hop-jump up into the rear truck bed challenging.

Tire, Step Ladders, Hex Set, DOT3 Brake Fluid

The rest of day was spent doing much of nothing except eating lunch, buying a gallon of ice-cream and picking-up my laundry.  The problem, I had finished my morning errands rather quickly, so I found myself wondering what to do next.  It was hot, so I did not want to roam the city, visiting tourist sites.  Instead, I sat in the shade and had a little chit-chat with new guest, but soon found myself yearning to get out of town and go fishing...after all I am only about 15 hours drive-time  from northern Patagonia, and I am tired of looking at all the Patagonia fish-porn on FaceBook.   So, I decided to take my flies out and show them around to people.  Everyone found them interesting and of course the two little kids from France, were immediately attracted to the big colorful flies.  I just hope the fish in Patagonia feel the same way.  Speaking of flies, I will be receiving a very special shipment of Primo Tail Flies, direct from Brad Bohen, himself.  Brad is a long time midwest friend and the owner of Musky Country Outfitters and lead genius behind behind the newest evolution in large, dish-rag sized, predator flies.  Having posted two world records with his flies, I knew Brad was the guy to call-in for this special project.  The project?  Test Primo Tail Predator flies in Patagonia waters and bring home the this case ginormous Patagonia  Browns!  So, from the other side of the equator, in the land of Patagonia (Spanish = Big Feet), I am sending Brad good Karma for the most sexiest-ass (Culo) predator flies that this continent has every seen! If this catches your attention, please feel free to take a look see at

Patagonia Eye Candy

Okay, now to finish this widely unfocused post:  What I can't do without in South America?

Reflection in the Mirror...See it?

Medicated Gold Bond is your life blood for the following:

  • Kills monkey-ass on contact.  If you have to ask, then you are on the wrong blog.
  • Kills bed-bugs instantly, or least keeps them away.  I also recently heard that lavender oil/lotion does the same thing.
  • Not seen in photo: baby wipes.  invaluable and bought anywhere. 

Ear Plugs:

  • A must have for buses, planes, a busy hotels/hostels.
  • Great Strike Indicators.  
  • Not seen in photo: small Petzl head lamp for camping and very dark Hostels, at night.  Get the one with the red night light!


  • Simply the most convenient and effective way to kill bugs in your H2O.  
  • The most eco-friendly way to make/drink pure need to buy plastic bottles anymore
  • Rumor has it, it may kills parasites, if you stick up your culo (ass). (standing joke after a few drinks)

Foldable Mirror and Beard Comb: 

  • Could not shave my head without this cool little, Walmart, made in China, product
  • Comb straightens out my now 1.5 year old goatee

Electrical Car Adaptor and Appliance Adaptors:

  • Plug in the car adaptor and you can power your laptop and re-charge anything, while driving.
  • Unless you want to fry your electronics, you'll need an adaptor for Chile and Argentina.  Chile is 3 prong and Argentina is 2 prong.  This may seem complicated, but its not.  Simple make sure your electronics are rated for 100-240volt, if this is the case, all you need to do is buy these adaptors. You can buy these adaptors while in country and they cost pennies on the dollar.   If your electronics are not rated within this range, you'll need to buy a converter.  Note: all laptops carry a global rating of 100-240V, so all you'll need is an adaptor.  Take away message:  in the USA, they try to sell you the entire kit and kaboodle...too expensive, too bulky and not necessary.  

Tomorrow? License Plates were supposed to be delivered tonight, via FedEx.  If so, we are off to San Antonia to finalize my truck coinky-dink...yo espero (I hope so).

Hasta Luego,