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Rio Gallegos
Rio Malleo 
Rio Malleo

When I am home in the U.S.A. I spend as much time teaching.
I love teaching, especially with kids.

Each year FCFF is asked to teach a casting class for the Great Bay TU and Amy's Treat event.

I am a lucky man to be able to teach so many people, from all over the world.

Youth-Family Lessons = Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Kids.
We have hundreds and hundreds of hours working with children and women.
The end of a E.I. Fly 1X class, but the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. 

We use a variety of teaching tools.
We stress the basics and teach you what to buy and what to stay away from.
On vacation in NH?  These folks from Ohio had a 2-3 hour casting course, a lunch break, and then a 3 hour lesson on the water.  The ladies caught most of the fish!
Our classes are designed to take things one step at time.  E.I. Fly 1X casting class on land, and then...

We hit the water for more lessons and lots of fun.  
It's not all about catching fish = father and son creating a new family hobby.
E.I. Fly 1X beginner casting class = tends to bring out the best in people.
Lucas 1st Trout.  1st Brown Trout on a dry fly.  Photo by FCFF.

Lucas 2nd Trout. Photo by FCFF

FCFF and Greg with his first Cocheco River Brown Trout.  Photo by FCFF

FCFF and Greg with his beautiful Brown Trout.  Photo by FCFF.


Friend of FCFF, J. Zondanos with a beautiful Sustut River Steelhead. British Columbia
Friend of FCFF, .J. Zondanos from Australia with nice Copper River Steelhead.  British Columbia

Friend of FCFF, J. Zondanos with a Copper River Coho.  British Columbia

Copper River Steelhead. British Columbia.  Photo taken by J. Zondanos.

Friend of FCFF, Jean Pothier with a Bulkley River Chrome.  Photo by J. Pothier.

Fishing and Camping. Cook Inlet, AK

FCFF very 1st Arctic Grayling

Pink Salmon are in!  Photo by FCFF
FCFF at the Seward Silver Derby.  If you catch a pre-tagged fish, you cold win $50K. Photo by FCFF

For most folks, charter boats offer the best value for the family. Photo by FCFF

H.Brown with his 1st Alaskan Rainbow Trout on Montana Creek. Photo by FCFF

 FCFF on the Russian River.  1st Sockeye on the fly for H. Brown. Photo by FCFF

Shrimp for Lunch?  Photo by FCFF

1st Silver on the fly in open ocean.  Photo by FCFF

A very small Halibut.  Anything over 50lbs and the captain gets out the shot gun.  Photo by FCFF

Kenai 25" Rainbow.  No BS, it was caught on the 1st cast.  Photo by FCFF

Kenai River Sockeye.  Limit is 3 per person.  She was done in 10 minutes.  Photos by FCFF

Retired master fishing & hunting guide Roland Cusson.  61lbs Kenai River King.  Record is 97lbs

Life and death are the way of life in Alaska. Photo by FCFF

Cordova Silver.  Ibeck River.  Fly from Mossy's Fly Shop, Anchorage, AK. Photo by FCFF

Cordova Silvers on the Ibeck River.  Photo by FCFF
Locals consider this to be small. Photo by FCFF

Big or small, Golden Dorado's fight. Photo by FCFF

Locals do eat these, and I must say, they are delicious.Photo by FCFF

Esquina River Delta.  Argentina.  Photos by FCFF

Photo taken by FCFF

Beauty and Power = Golden Dorado.  Esquina, Argentina
Photo by FCFF

FCFF 1st fish on Rio Parana.  Locals call this a Salmon.

FCFF 1st Golden Dorado on Rio Parana.  Argentina

Sunset on Rio Parana.  Photo by FCFF

FCFF on Rio Parana.  Argentina.  

Guide Peto on Rio Parana with Golden Dorado.  

FCFF on Atnarko River.  One of the best small rivers for Salmon and Trout...oh, and Grizzly's

FCFF on the Bella Coola River catching big "dog-fish"

FCFF at the Chum Hole in Bella Coola, BC

FCFF getting a turn on the Spey Rod.  Bella Coola, BC

FCFF loves First Nation Art

FCFF...we saw a solid black wolf in Bella Coola, BC.

FCFF on the Campbell River.  Vancouver Island, BC

FCFF with a Pink Salmon on the Campbell River.
E.I. Fly 3X Client.  1st Fish on the Fly!

FCFF...time to fish!

FCFF and Great Bay TU Trout Camp.

FCFF and CT River Bow.

FCFF and TU student.  1st Fish on the CT River

FCFF and TU student.  Brookies on the dry-fly

FCFF and TU student on CT River.  Caddis Dry-Fly never fails on a warm afternoon in northern NH

FCFF working with the national TU meeting in NH

FCFF working with the national TU meeting in NH

E.I.Fly 4X on Back Lake in northern NH.

FCFF and TU student with large Brook Trout on CT River
FCFF on a spring creek in Argentina

FCFF on Rio Manihuales (upper), Chile

FCFF on Isla de Chiloe, Chile

FCFF on Rio Futaleufu, Chile.  One of my favorite rivers in the world!

FCFF watching the locals fish on Rip Espolon, Chile.  No rods...just coffee cans, line and lures.

FCFF takes a turn on Rio Espolon. Chile

FCFF in secret fishing and camping location.  
FCFF...could spend the rest of my life here

FCFF side trip touring Lago Nahuelhuapi, Argentina

FCFF...tour of Lago Nahuelhuapi.  Highly Recommend.

FCFF atop Catedral.  Bariloche, Argentina

FCFF fishing in Villa Angastura, Argentina

FCFF Friends on the Brule River, WI. Steelhead.  Photo taken by Muskie Country Outfitters

FCFF friends on the Brule River, WI., Steelhead.  Photo taken by Muskie Country Outfitters

FCFF Patagonia D.I.Y Trip. King Salmon. Rio Palena. La Junta, Chile.

FCFF friends on the Great Lakes. Steelhead. Photo taken by Musky Country Outfitters

Brad Bohen with world record Muskie on the fly.  Photo taken by Musky Country Outfitters

FCFF D.I.Y. Trip. Rio Rivadavia. Los Alerces National Park, Argentina

FCFF D.I.Y Trip. "The Channels"  Los Alerces National Park, Argentina

FCFF and Mariano Ravizza and large lake bow. Esquel, Argentina

FCFF in Argentina

FCFF in Argentina

FCFF on CT River. Brown Trout on Chronic Leach.  Northern NH.

FCFF on the Upper CT River located in northern NH

FCFF on the CT River. Incredible markings on this Brown Trout

E.I. 1X lessons on Lake Winnipesaukee.  A quick lesson before his...

first caught fish ever!

FCFF on the Mohawk River. Beautiful Brown on this small river!

FCFF on the CT River in Pittsburgh, NH.  Her first fish on a fly!

FCFF on the Atnarko River, Bella Coola, BC.  Catch and Release taken to a new level.

FCFF on the Bella Coola River, BC.  Monster Chum "Dog-Fish"

FCFF bringing it home at the Chum hole in Bella prepared for an epic battle!

FCFF helping out at the Bella Coola Hatchery

FCFF on the Atnarko River. Bella Coola, BC

FCFF on the Atnarko River, Bella Coola, BC. Nice king on a 6wt and #10 Zug-Bug! 

FCFF searching for ocean Salmon onVancouver Island, BC.

FCFF scouting rivers on Vancouver, Island.  You can't see them, but the river is loaded with Salmon

FCFF bringing it home.  King Salmon on the Birkenhead River, BC.  
FCFF and King Salmon.  Birkenhead River, BC.
FCFF clients with Argentina Brown

FCFF clients with Argentina Rainbow

FCFF Spey Casting at the Boca del Chimehuin.  Argentina

FCFF clients 1st day and 1st brown on  Rio Chimehuin, Argentina

FCFF Patagonia Brown 

FCFF Patagonia moon and volcano

One of FCFF favorite "dry'fly" rivers.  Rio Malleo.  Patagonia, Argentina

FCFF. Patagonia, Argentina

FCFF Brown from the lake.  Patagonia, Argentina

FCFF and guide C.Olsen. Rio Chimehuin Brown Trout.  Patagonia, Argentina

FCFF River Brown Trout.  Rio Alumine.  Patagonia, Argentina

FCFF and Rio Alumine Brown.  Patagonia, Argentina

FCFF pre-float transfer on Rio Chimehuin. Patagonia. Argentina

FCFF and Patagonia Argentina Rainbow

FCFF's practice: 99.9% of all fish caught in Patagonia are released

FCFF Golden Dorado.  Northern Argentina

FCFF Golden Dorado.  Bolivia

FCFF Golden Dorado.  Bolivia

FCFF in Bolivia

FCFF...Amazing to think this was caught on a fly

FCFF and friends on Rio Juramento Dorado

FCFF on the "Delta." Esquina, Argentina

FCFF and Miss NH stocking Cocheco River in Dover, NH

FCFF and Miss NH working on the Cocheco River

 E.I. 1x Fly Lessons.  Cocheco River.  Dover, NH

E.I. Fly 3x on the Cocheco River.  Dover, NH

FCFF. Cocheco River Brown Trout.  Dover, NH

Master Fisherman

FCFF. Patagonia, Argentina

FCFF. Patagonia, Argentina

FCFF client with Patagonia, Argentina Brown

FCFF goes North...Mt. McKinley Alaska.

FCFF caught and released on Montana Creek, AK

FCFF and clients on the Kenai River, Alaska

E.I. Fly 4X.  Alaska Grayling

FCFF. Alaska Grayling

FCFF. Alaska Grayling

FCFF on the Klutina River. Sockeye caught on a stone fly!

FCFF watching the Pink Salmon run. Valdez, AK

FCFF inValdez, AK

FCFF 1st Silver/Coho on the fly from the beach. Valdez, AK

E.I.Fly 4X.  Ibeck River.  Cordova, AK

FCFF on the Ibeck River.  Silver/Coho Salmon.  Cordova, AK

FCFF on the Skeena River.  Steelhead/Chrome.  Terrace, BC

FCFF on the Skeena River.  Steelhead/Chrome.  Terrace, BC

E.I.Fly 4X. Skeena River Steelhead.  Terrace, BC

FCFF on the North Fork Flathead River.  Glacier National Park, MT

FCFF 1st West Slope Cut Throat Rainbow.  Glacier National Park, MT
FCFF on Rio Palena, Chile.  1st Chilean King Salmon

FCFF on Isla Chiloe.  Boats built by hand!

FCFF on Rio Futaleufu, Chile.  Salmon and Trout Paradise

FCFF working on farm in Chile

FCFF on Rio Rivadavia, Argetina

FCFF on Rio Rivadavia.  Didn't not want to leave!
FCFF on Lago Yelcho, Chile.  Some of the best lakes/rivers in the world
Spent days with this beginner teaching him E.I. Fly on Patagonia Rivers.  This is his first fish on the fly ever!

FCFF secret hole produces another chunky bow.  Patagonia, Argentina

FCFF and MT fly-fisherman hunting down big bows in crystal clear desert Patagonia river

FCFF on the other feeling better than being on the oars

FCFF stalking browns in back channels. Patagonia, Argentina

FCFF on the lower Colon Cura

Just Amazing to watch

FCFF loves river fishing, but to leave Patagonia without a day on an Andean lake is a big mistake.  Largest lake bow last year was 29"

FCFF knows all the wading spots on the upper Chimehuin River.  Patagonia, Argentina

When these bloom, the hills look as though they are on fire!  

The locals hate them, but FCFF loves them.  Perca is a native Patagonian fish...and they can get up to 10-15lbs. 

FCFF friend from Chile.  He body was destroyed after 4 days of fishing, but his will kept him going

FCFF with a Rio Chimehuin Brown.  Caught in less than 18" of water.

FCFF in Patagonia.  Wind, Sun, Rain and late Spring snow. All melted by lunch time.

Tired of fishing, FCFF encourages folks to explore

FCFF on the Upper Alumine. Patagonia, Argentina fast food.  Please pass the goat balls.  No joke, G.B's are a Patagonia delicacy! bears and blood sucking bugs, but wild boars...yes!

FCFF and 5.0 feet tall fishing machine

FCFF on another chunky Patagonia Brown Trout.

FCFF...our program is not all about fishing Patagonia, many times, you'll have the entire river to yourself 

FCFF on back channels on Rio Alumine. Patagonia, Argentina

FCFF on back channels off Rio Alumine.  Patagonia, Argentina
FCFF in N. Argentina.  Things are a bit different here

FCFF in N. Argentina.  Again, things are different here

Things are very different in N. Argentina.  Photo by FCFF

Northern Dorado Epi-Center.  Photo taken by FCFF

Looking below.  Photo taken by FCFF

Holy Dorados!  Photo by FCFF
A busy spot on Rio Juramento in N. Argentina.  Photo by FCFF

Brown water and beautiful Golden Dorado.  Photo by FCFF

Photo taken by friends at Juramento Fly Fishing
Do not miss the ocean path in Ucluelet, BC.  Whales, Sunset, Moon & Amazing Views.  Photo by FCFF
Friend of FCFF, Argentina guide ex-olympic rower, G. Sarthou with happy client.

The fishing can be amazing in Patagonia, but the views will always amaze you.  Photo by FCFF